BJP Leader Son Pulkit Arya Arrested Including Two Others In Uttrakhand

Ankita Bhandari Murder Case: BJP Leader Son Pulkit Arya Arrested Including Two Others In Uttrakhand:- A receptionist who was just 19 years old was missing for five days from a resort and when her family came to know about this news they registered a complaint for her. She works at a private resort which is located in the area of Pauri Garhwal district and now her body has been found and it’s been also said that the manager & operator of the resort were on the run when this incident happened. This news is now getting viral and a page is also running in favour of this missing girl. Let’s know more about this news in the next section.

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Who Killed Ankita Bhandari?

So, as per information and the footage shared by the news journalist, it has been seen that in this murder case some Political leaders are involved. According to the sources, three accused has been arrested in this case which also involves the former BJP Minister of Uttrakhand, Vinod Arya whose son is Pulit Arya. He has been also arrested in this case. Along with him, two more were accused as Ankit aka Pulkit Gupta and the manager of the resort, Shakti Bhaskar. Now, the accused have accepted their crime and told the entire story to the police. Now, police has started to search the body of Ankita Bhandari where she was being drowned, and trying to open the entire matter of this case.

Know The Entire Matter

In this murder case, CM Dhami said that Police are doing their work and the Director General of Police has said that strict action should be taken against the culprits the team is now investigating this case as the family is pleading for justice. Their daughter’s body has also been found and DGP said that the three accused persons have been arrested and said this is a sad incident the girl from a small village who worked in this resort was missing for five days and now everyone has their eyes on this case.

People are reacting to this news and many are now coming to the street for justice for the family the investigation is going on as it is believed that there are many others who are involved in this case. The assistant said that she was stressed so they took her on a trip and when they came back the next morning she was not in the room. Later they searched for her but they didn’t find her and everyone is saying other stories about this news.

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