Camila Cabello suffers unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on live television

Camila Cabello has responded to her live TV wardrobe glitch on TikTok, joking that she should take a stylist’s offer to wear a nipple shield under her dress.

The singer recently posted Bambamfeaturing Ed Sheeran.

To promote the song, Cabello appeared remotely at a show Showcasing dance moves from her favourite music videos on the BBC.

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“I actually unbuttoned a pair of my pants because I just had a sandwich,” Cabello said, standing in front of the camera adjusting her clothes.

When she was adjusting her shirt, she accidentally moved the fabric too far.

The host took a deep breath.

To promote her new song, Camila Cabello appeared remotely on the BBC’s The One Show and showed off dance moves from her favourite music video. Credit: BBC

“Oops, I almost flashed you,” Cabello said.

A seemingly unwitting Cabello continued to perform the dance.

“I hope you didn’t see the nipples,” she said, sitting down after dancing.

“There’s a wardrobe malfunction,” co-host Alex Jones responded.

“Something flashed by and I don’t know what I saw.”

Cabello talks about blunders on TikTok, lip-syncing, “I wish I had a time machine,” from a song by Muni Long.

She captioned the video, “When my stylist asked me if I wanted a nasal mask, I said no.”

Commenters tried to reassure her.

“Never mind, the right one is still a secret,” replied one TikTok user.

Another said: “We will never forget, but we will respectfully look away.”

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